A few pieces of art from tonight


Well, these hats are from my dad’s birthday party over the weekend. The art pieces do not look great on here, but the colors are prettier in “real” life. Each one has a mix of acrylic paints and Unicorn SPiT and SPARKLiNG STAiN. The last one is a double pour and I love the SPiT in the pink side. It looks so cool. My son said it looks like pink lemonade.

Happy Tuesday, some random pics


Here are some bowls I have been making. I think I made 60 or 70 so far, giving most of them away. Then there’s me and my boys 🙂 Our sweet pup, Oliver, some beautiful SPARKLiNG STAiN by Unicorn SPiT, and the kitchen table that was getting very beat up and dull, but is now painted in white chalk paint (General Finishes) and chairs that are painted gray (Dixie Belle) and blue (Annie Sloan). Just looking through pictures 🙂


Another “pour”…

This pour was mostly acrylics with a bit of Unicorn SPiT SPARKLiNG STAiN. It was poured with leftover paint and STAiN from the photo below it, with just a bit of Caribbean blue added. All the colors of the art look better and brighter than what my pics are showing.

This pour was created by my sister-in-law. There are lots of cracks because I mixed too much white paint without using pouring medium with it. Now that it’s dry and sealed, the “crackle” actually looks pretty cool, like we tried it or something!! I’m having fun with all of this but looking forward to refinishing some furniture soon.