Pours with Unicorn SPiT and acrylics

Well, the one that looks like paintball splatter is not a pour. Still fun with SPARKLiNG STAiN 😎 I actually messed this canvas up so many times and finally spray painted it with silver hammered-look paint to start over. Not sure if I love that one, but it was fun to do. I love the pours but definitely have a lot to learn about creating cells, making the paint more fluid,

etc. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.

Changes for Unicorn SPiT….

Hello …

Just updating about Shimmershell’s Unicorn SPiT. Michelle has grown out of her garage because of amazing sales of US, and has announced that the manufacturing will be done by another major company. My vendor status is in question because I no longer have a booth and don’t have a brick and mortar store. I understand and respect this new policy, and am not sure yet what will happen. I am not going to have a booth at It’s Nice 2wice, so will not be able to sell the Unicorn SPiT there, but do have furniture there for sale. I do have regular Unicorn SPiT for sale at this point until I am no longer able to sell it. Find my contact info on this site. This will be the last of the “home grown” from Michelle’s home…. The new product will be amazing too and will have great consistency and color.

For now, no matter what happens, I am still going to be chalk painting and using Unicorn SPiT and SPARKLiNG STAiN. Don’t forget to stop in at It’s Nice 2wice to see the furniture and household goods and clothing that Michelle offers. She is a wonderful shop owner!!

Have a great weekend!

I am sorry it’s been SO long…..

Hello everyone!

I am sorry I have not updated lately. I was in transition after leaving the Dover Antique Mall and now have some items at It’s Nice 2wice, LLC, 1033 N. George St., York, PA 17404. Some of my items are chalk painted, and some are finished with a mixture of chalk paint and Unicorn SPiT colorful gel stain and glaze. I will be adding more pieces soon, and hope to work out a plan with the sweet owner of It’s Nice 2wice, LLC, to offer classes for painting and using Unicorn SPiT and Unicorn SPiT SPARKLiNG STAiN. Please visit Michelle’s store 🙂 Thank YOU!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone :))

We all have many things to be thankful for. When we slow down, take time to breathe, and really reflect on those around us, we have so many blessings to thank God for. Some of us are in the midst of pain with personal things in our lives, some of us have physical limitations or illnesses, some of us have family in painful situations, etc. But we are all living in an amazing time …. and we all have a beautiful purpose. We were created by an almighty God for a reason. Take time to be thankful and to appreciate the many things we have, and to be thankful for the family and friends we have.

I will update after Dec. 5. I will be away and might not have access to the internet all the time.

Have a beautiful and thankful week 🙂

I have officially moved….

Quick update… I have officially moved from the Dover Antique Mall, Etc., and want to thank them for everything they did for me during my time there. Thank you to everyone who supported my efforts there, and to all the customers 🙂 Thank you to the person who bought lots of SPiT yesterday!!!

As I am currently in transition, please call or email if you want to see any furniture or want to buy some Unicorn SPiT. My contact info is on this site, but here it is again… 717-891-5024, or themismatchedbungalow@gmail.com. Thank you!! If you call and I don’t pick up, or you leave a message and I don’t call back, it’s because my voicemail won’t let me (for some reason) pick up again. But then please email because I will try to check it every day.

20% sale… and some news

All regular-priced items in my booth will be 20% off for about 2 weeks. However, I have decided to leave the Dover Antique Mall. My very favorite thing to do with my furniture, tiles, glassware, pickets, etc. is to paint them with chalk paint and/or Unicorn SPiT (FUN) colored gel stain. It is so much fun to be creative with each piece and to give the pieces beautiful color. As my friend Cindy always said, “Color is your friend.” And yes, it is. I have been told that some of my colors look like I should be selling at the beach 🙂 which of course, I WOULD LOVE. Anyone who knows me, knows this.

Things will be changing as my intentions will be to go with It’s Nice…2wice Consignment and Retail boutique that I have mentioned in my last posts. I will start out in consignment and see what happens from there.

For now, please stop by the booth at D.A.M. Thank You!!

October 30 – 15% sale

Today, Oct. 30, all regular-priced items in my booth at D.A.M. are on sale for 15% off, except Unicorn SPiT colored gel stain. The tag sale items are already reduced.

Also, please visit It’s Nice… 2wice Consignment and Retail boutique on N. George St. in York.

Have fun shopping, and thank you!