New update: I am not in a booth at this time and although I have some Unicorn SPiT available for sale, I am no longer an official vendor. Because of wonderful growth of the product, manufacturing is now done by Eclectic Products, Inc., which means different guidelines for being a vendor. It’s all good… I still love this product and will use it!! There are still local retailers and it is now being made available in bigger stores too.

I am now also making bowls and doing acrylic pours on canvas, along with chalk painting furniture. I am blessed and thankful for all the opportunities we have in this great country. If we all stopped bickering, we would see just how amazing we can be.

Hello… My name is Kathy. I am married to Barry and mom to 2 young-adult sons. I worked until our first son was born, and was then a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling our sons until they graduated. We love going to the beach, and also had great opportunities to travel to India 5 times. We have “family” and “children” there too. Our family also hosted a student from South Korea for 4 years…so he is part of our family as well. After the boys all graduated, I went to work at a local high school. In March of 2015, a friend introduced me to chalk paint. I bought a lot of Annie Sloan chalk paint (ASCP), painted my first piece of furniture, and was hooked. Since then I have painted a lot of pieces and decided to start a (very) small business with the hopes of setting up in a local booth. It has been fun learning the different techniques of painting and using new stains, and I hope to be sharing it all with you soon. There are several other paints I want to try, and the stain I am using is SO much fun. More about that later.  I am seeing old furniture in a new light, and it’s a reminder that we, as individuals, can have hope in a new life.

I am blessed to have a lot of support from family and friends, and to be able to start a small business out of a hobby. In all things, my desire is to honor God.