Finally painting again…

It it has been a busy summer with no painting, except for a craft table for a friend’s new home (which I forgot to take pics). So my project today is an old wine barrel that belongs to my sister. She brought this heavy thing in for me to paint for her, and I finally did it today. It’s not finished yet, but with some touch-up color and outdoor sealer… it will be good-to-go. I love it. I painted a rough base of Coco chalk paint by Annie  Sloan, and the rest was done with Unicorn SPiT in different colors. Can’t wait to see how she likes it. She is going to make a table out of it with wine bottles and string lights… so this will be a fun project.

Also, I finally picked up 2 colors of Fusion Mineral Paint and am looking forward to trying them out. I will update about that later :)) Happy Autumn 🍁🍎🇺🇸

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