Changes for Unicorn SPiT….

Hello …

Just updating about Shimmershell’s Unicorn SPiT. Michelle has grown out of her garage because of amazing sales of US, and has announced that the manufacturing will be done by another major company. My vendor status is in question because I no longer have a booth and don’t have a brick and mortar store. I understand and respect this new policy, and am not sure yet what will happen. I am not going to have a booth at It’s Nice 2wice, so will not be able to sell the Unicorn SPiT there, but do have furniture there for sale. I do have regular Unicorn SPiT for sale at this point until I am no longer able to sell it. Find my contact info on this site. This will be the last of the “home grown” from Michelle’s home…. The new product will be amazing too and will have great consistency and color.

For now, no matter what happens, I am still going to be chalk painting and using Unicorn SPiT and SPARKLiNG STAiN. Don’t forget to stop in at It’s Nice 2wice to see the furniture and household goods and clothing that Michelle offers. She is a wonderful shop owner!!

Have a great weekend!

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