My take on Bermuda Blending by Maria Revollo


Bermuda Blending is the blending of colors of paints and Unicorn SPiT by Maria Revollo. I have done certain things like this in the past before I ever heard of Bermuda Blending, and this desk has different colors on it because this is what I wanted to work with. I like to think of it as roughed-up beachy or something πŸ™‚ There were some cool tables I did with white, Florence ASCP, etc. over a year ago, so I certainly have liked blending colors for that “mismatched” look.

The 3rd pic down is the original desk … and it took quite a bit of washing and scrubbing to get old stickers and sticky stuff, as well as lots of pet hair off. The side panels that you see in the 3rd picture are gone because they were warped. What a fun mess that was as I got to bang the panels off with a hammer. Then there was the sanding. With chalk paint, you normally don’t have to sand for prep.. but in the case of this poor little desk, sanding had to happen. There was a thick coat of paint that just would have been a mess to cover. I finally was able to use several colors of paint and a little Unicorn SPiT on this piece, lightly sanding rough spots along the way. This child-sized roll top is missing the roll top, but it’s still a darn cute little thing. Some projects take a long time to finish, and this was one of those projects. I love it πŸ™‚ Hope someone else does too.


image image image image

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