Got my 1st shipment of SPiT today!

imageimageHere are a few of the things I am getting ready to sell at my booth at Dover Antique Mall, Etc., in Dover, PA.  The hardest part is … pricing. There have been several hours of researching late into the night.

I will be posting some of the pickets I have been painting with the Unicorn SPiT. Stay tuned…

And…I am HAPPY to say that my first shipment of Unicorn SPiT arrived today!! Well, I should say half of the first wholesale shipment…hopefully the second box will come tomorrow. I was happy to get the “spit” for myself when I was learning about it and wanting to play with it. It was so much fun opening the box, and then it took me a few days to be brave enough to try it. Today, opening the first of the boxes I will be able to sell at my booth (vendor 40 at D.A.M., upstairs, go straight ahead to the second room, turn to the right), made me smile like crazy because I KNOW how much fun customers will have when they start using this fun product. It can be used as is, like finger paint, with fingers, hands, brushes, rags, small sponges, as a glaze over chalk paint, diluted up to 50% with water to make a beautiful stain on bare wood, etc., etc. You will love it too.



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