I need a workshop..and tools

I am making some really colorful and semi-rustic wall-hangy-things out of old pickets. Today, since no one else was home to show me how to do it, I watched a video online and taught myself how to use a drill. And you know what? It was fun. This process of making the pickets takes several days. I used a mix of chalk paint and Unicorn SPiT gel stain, different colors depending on the picket, sealed them with spray poly or lacquer (depending on what I grabbed each day), spent today drilling and putting pretty knobs on, and those little sawtooth hangers (with the tiniest nails I ever saw in my life) for the final touch.

Now, an electric sander would be nice too. I think there’s one in the garage… Barry will soon start buying me my own tools, kind of like how he bought me a copy machine when we were homeschooling. I was thrilled and used it for years. I think I would be thrilled with my own tools too.

Again, I really want to post some pictures of some vases and the pickets, but for some reason, my iPad will not upload the pictures.

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